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As a professor of mathematics at Imperial College London and at EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, I specialise in stochastic analysis. My research ranges from evolution equations to stochastic processes on manifolds, addressing current challenges in fluctuation problems, coarse curvatures, multi-scale equations, and non-Markovian dynamics with long-range correlations.  We are committed not only to unveiling new insights into the complex behaviours of stochastic dynamic systems but also to advancing theoretical studies of mathematical models that address real-world problems.

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Summer School In Stochastic Analysis, August 8 -- August 17, 2023, Bernoulli Center, EPFL
Stochastic Dynamics and Stochastic Equations, March 25-27, 2024, EPFL
Geometry, Stochastics, and Dynamics,  September 12-16 2022
 ICM overlay London, July 2022
Working Seminar (2023) , Past Working Seminars (202-2022)

Our working group at Imperial College London:
PhD students: Luca Gerola, Francesco Pedulla, Benedikt Petco, Xiangfeng Ren, Yuriy Shulzhenko
PhD students (Graduated ): Johann Gehringer (spring 2022), Rhys Steel (2023), and Julian Sieber (2023)
Postdoc (Pablo Linares ballesteros).
Our working group at EPFL :  Kexing  Ying (PhD student), Florian Huber (postdoc), and Toyomu Matsuda (postdoc), and  Daniel Goodair  joins the team in August 24.

Our research work is currently supported by the Swiss Science Foundation, EPSRC EP/V026100/1, SwissMap, and the CDT on Mathematics of Random Systems.

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