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My Research

I am a professor of Mathematics at Imperial College London, Chair of Probability and Stochastic Analysis, and also of the mathematics Institute of  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) in the Chair of Stochastic Analysis (STOAN). My research focuses on Probability and Stochastic Analysis. I work with stochastic differential equations, diffusion operators, stochastic dynamical systems, and manifolds. Large time asymptotics and intrinsic geometry of stochastic processes are among my favourites. My recent favourite topic is multi-scale stochastic systems and Non-Markovian dynamics with fractional noise.

Positions (PhD and Postdoct)

PhD and Postdoct positions are available to work in the chair of Stochastic Analysis  at EPFL (Lausanne), starting date autumn 2023, the exact date is flexible.  To apply please send  by email a copy of your C.V., a research statement indicating your research interests and research plan/ project, and arrange for your references sent directly, detail . Please enquire directly.  Your application should include a  list of publications / your PhD thesis if applying for the Postdoct position,   and your transcript and research statement / project for the PhD position. 

I help to run:


I am an associate editor of Electronic J. of Probability and Electronic Communications in Probability.

Research Grants

EPSRC EP/V026100/1
EPSRC EP/S023925/1  

Working group at ICL

Postdoc: Pablo Linares ballesteros
Current PhD students: Luca Gerola, Francesco Pedulla, Benedikt Petco, Xiangfeng Ren, Julian Sieber, Yuriy Shulzhenki, and Rhys Steel
Past PhD students --Johann Gehringer (graduated spring 2022)

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