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 I am a professor at  Imperial College London and at  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne.

 I study random evolutions, specially differential equations with noise and rand perturbations. I am  interested in problem connecting to geometry, actually the branch of geometry called differential geometry.  I enjoy solving problems.

Links to Articles  and My Work Webpages

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Lecture Notes

Measure and Integration.             Markov Processes        Advanced Topics in Stopchastic Analysis.         Stochastic Analysis


Working Seminar (2023)                            Past orking Seminars (2020-2022)


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Summer School In Stochastic Analysis
August 8 -- August 17, 2023, EPF Lausanne

There will be a summer school in Stochastic Analysis, in Bernoulli Center, EPL, Lausanne. Read more..

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Postdoct and PhD positions

If you are interested in PhD and postdoct positions, please send me your CV, a research statement and supporting documents:  transcripts for PhD positions/ a list of publications for Postdoct positions. Postdoct candidates should have strong background in Stochastic Analysis and publications in the field. PhD candidates should have solid knowledge of stochastic calculus, probability, differential equations, and functional analysis, and first class degree in mathematics.   

Editorial Work

I am an associate editor of Electronic J. of Probability and Electronic Communications in Probability.

Research Grants

EPSRC EP/V026100/1
EPSRC EP/S023925/1(CDT on Mathematics of Random Systems)

Working group at ICL

Postdoc: Pablo Linares ballesteros
Current PhD students: Luca Gerola, Francesco Pedulla, Benedikt Petco, Xiangfeng Ren, Julian Sieber, Yuriy Shulzhenki, and Rhys Steel
Past PhD students --Johann Gehringer (graduated spring 2022)

Conferences co-organised in 2022:
Geometry, Stochastics, and Dynamics,  September 12-16 2022
 ICM overlay London, July 2022

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