Geometry, Stochastics & Dynamics

        Celebrating 20 years of UK-Japan Winter Schools

12- 16 September 2022

with public lectures at the Embassy of Japan


The UK-Japan Winter Schools have been held since 1999, held at both countries. For 20 years, the school brought together Japanese and UK scientists, in particular also young researchers and students from mathematics and mathematical physics, in a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere. Every year the focus was on a special topic.  The celebration conference has a wider scope incorporating several regularly occurring themes of the past schools: Geometry, Stochastic,  Dynamics, and  their interfaces. There will be longer overview talks exposing the latest research developments and open topics in the area of the speakers and their wider impact, together with shorter more focused talks highlighting the work of individual researchers from both countries with possibly a forward element or an entire talk introducing an open problem, though still designed for a non-specialist audience. The talks may also focus on  future directions and open problems, or have an element of both.

There will also be public lectures at the Japanese Embassy.
(participation of the public lectures are strictly by registration and on first come first serve basis).

Display boards: There will be opportunity to display a poster on your work, post open questions, and initiate discussions. The display boards are 2m wide by 1 meter in height. Suitable sizes are A2 (420(w)x594(H)), and A3, A4.  This can be handwritten as well.  

Organisers: J├╝rgen Berndt - John Bolton - David Elworthy - Martin Guest - Xue-Mei Li - Yoshiaki Maeda

Confirmed Speakers

  • Kenji Fukaya  (Simons Center, Stony Brook)
  • Masato Hoshino (Osaka)
  • Hiroshi Iritani (Kyoto)
  • Takashi Kumagai (Waseda)
  • Seiichiro Kusuoka (Kyoto)
  • Takashi Sakajo (Kyoto) 
  • Yota Shamoto (Waseda)
  • Yoshi Maeda (Tohoku)
  • Roland Bauerschmidt (Cambridge)
  • Chris Budd (Bath)
  • Ajay Chandra (Imperial College London)
  • Jonathan Fraser (St Andrews)
  • Martin Hairer (Imperial College London)
  • Adam Harper (Warwick)
  • Asma Hassannezhad (Bristol)
  • Darryl Holm (Imperial College London)
  • Benjamin Lambert (Leeds) 
  • Terry Lyons (Oxford/ Turing Institute)
  • Mark Pollicott (Warwick)
  • Graeme Segal (Oxford)
  • Peter Topping (Warwick)

Public Lectures (Poster)   

public lecture webpage

Martin Hairer (Imperial College London):      On coin tosses, atoms and forest fires

Hiroshi Ooguri (Caltech & Kavli IPMU):         The Science of the Man from 9 Dimensions (including a 30 minutes movies)


The workshop will be held at  180 Queen's Gate, Huxley building, Clore (level 2, room 213), Imperial College London, London SW7
The public lectures will be held at the Embassy of Japan, London, with a reception.

Practical Information

Please book your own accommodation. Note we have access to the puperly located student Accommodations. 

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